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Omen: Heir to the Dunes

Greece burns from years of war, the shores of the Aegean wash red, champions revel in the blessings of the gods to the east, and an ancient conflict in the south is revived.

Omen: Heir to the Dunes is a fast-paced strategy card game for 1-2 players set in the shadows of ancient Egypt. As an heir to Horus or Anubis you will fight to bring your god to the head of the pantheon, erect great structures in their favor, and unite ancient Egypt under a rule of light or shadow.

Omen: Heir to the Dunes features:

  • A fast paced, head to head strategy card game complete with a thrilling solo variant.
  • Quick to learn and endlessly expandable with additional games from the Omen Saga.
  • Pledge your loyalty to Anubis or Horus and command your forces as you choose from multiple paths to victory.




On Kickstarter Now!

Fast-paced tactical card-game set within the shadows of Ancient Egypt.

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