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Brian’s Got Game – Sneak Peek – Kami-sama

Brian’s Got Game – Sneak Peek – Kami-sama

Brian is at BGG Con talking to Kolossal Games about their upcoming release called Kami-sama.

GMS Magazine – Board game interview: Kami-Sama

Kami-sama is an absolutely gorgeous board game to be released soon on Kickstarter by company Kolossal Games. We spoke to Chance Travis and Kira Anne Peavley about its mechanics and when it will be out.

Würfel Reviews – Essen Spiel 17 Preview – Western Legends

GMS Magazine – Board game interview: Western Legends

One of the games this up and coming company is going to produce… seriously, keep an eye on them. They will make great things!

Blue Peg, Pink Peg – Episode 110- Essen 2017 and Trick Taking Suite

Robb and Christina recap their Essen experience. At the 1-hour 25-minute mark, they discuss meeting with us and looking at Western Legends and Kami-sama. “They just want to build a really cool company that’s giving back…

El Crosso a Board Game Life – The Last Part * Spiel 2017 blog and photo extravaganza avalanche part 3 *

A new publisher joined the scene and not just any kind of new publisher. Kolossal Games has some interesting games coming for 2018 and they bring some great ideas where they want to go with their…

All the Meeples of the Rainbow – Essen Days 3 & 4!! All Games Played and Full Conclusion to One of the Best Cons!

I was invited to the Kolossal room to hear about some new and upcoming titles set to hit Kickstart early 2018. We didn’t actually play any games, but I got a pretty good overview of how…

Ding and Dent – Essen Recap, Part 3

Ding and Dent International correspondents, Calvin, Dee, and Colin (#boardgamebear) met with us in Essen and – at the 54-minute mark – talk about seeing Western Legends. “I really appreciate the fact that they remember that…

Designer Spotlight: Hervé Lemaître

Today we are talking with Hervé Lemaître, a first-time designer out of France. Herve’s first title, Western Legends, will land on Kickstarter in January 2018. We are excited to get to sit down with Hervé. Join…