Merchants Of Muziris

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  2 Players 

From the extraordinary design talent of John Clowdus (Neolithic, Omen card game series), comes a game about a once bustling port town on India’s coast, Muziris.

In Merchants of Muziris, a card game for two, players are merchants at the supplier gathering goods to sell on their stands.

Each card is one of ten different goods and features a scoring set & special ability. The supply features 4 face up good cards each turn. On a player’s turn, they may use two characters to perform actions:

The Merchant: Add a card from the supply to their hand.

The Advisor: Use the Special Ability of a card in the supply.

The Beggar: Draw cards.

The Customer: Make an order using the goods in their hand.

A player may not use the same character twice in a single turn.

When the game ends (after a certain number of orders have been made), players score points for their sales, as well as any other bonuses they have received.


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