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1-2 Players | 30 – 45 minutes

It is the dawn of the Neolithic period. Man has entered a new age of technological advances. We have learned to raise our own crops & keep domesticated livestock. We are no longer dependent on hunting, fishing & gathering wild plants. We have discovered how to make stone tools, no longer relying on the softer, more fragile tools of the past. Our ability to cultivate grains means that we no longer live the life of nomads. We can build permanent dwellings & form villages. By turning our backs to our old ways, we can focus on advancing other skills & crafts.

Neolithic is a one to two-player card game from the brilliant mind of designer John Clowdus. Each player will take on the role of a leader of one of the new settlements. Using a combination of hand-building, worker placement & multi-use cards, they will work to build up the most advanced village in the land.

On their turn, a player will choose one of two actions to take. They will either take a Task turn, playing a Villager card from their hand to one of the five Task decks to acquire more cards or a Village turn, returning all played Villager cards to their hand & playing one non-Villager card to their Village for each Villager returned.

Players must choose their actions carefully because, except for the Forage Task, a Villager cannot be placed on a Task where another Villager has already been assigned.

Once two of the five Task decks have been exhausted, points are calculated & the high score wins.


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