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The ruling house of the empire is in decline & in their weakness an opportunity presents itself. The throne is within the grasp of any rival faction bold & cunning enough to grab power for themselves. Imperius, from acclaimed designer Grant Rodiek, puts you in charge of one of the rival factions trying to seize control of the throne of Imperius. Use clever drafting, secret information, special faction abilities, and varied planet effects to give yourself the edge. You must be able to adapt to take advantage of your position when it is strong and thwart your enemies when they appear to have the upper-hand. Key Points - Unique take on card drafting games for 2 to 4 players. - Highly tense and rewarding interactive gameplay. - Packed with loads of interchangeable content to keep your games fresh and exciting!

Imperius, designed by Grant Rodiek and illustrated by Gong Studios, is a game of intrigue and conflict for 2-4 players. Each round players will draft cards (including their enemies’): ambassadors, assassins, elders, nobles, and even powerful variable events. After drafting, players then deploy these cards to planets with the hopes of scoring and depriving their enemies of victory points. But be wary, as some of these cards will be deployed face down. Will a noble seize control of the planet or will an assassin be waiting for them in the shadows? Each round is a tense and epic struggle for control.

Play continues until one or more houses earn 20 victory points. The house with the most victory points then takes the Crown Imperius and rules over the Known Universe.

The Expansions

Empire of the Dawn increases the replay value of the game by adding 12 Elders ( 3 for each House ), 14 Events and 8 Planets. The expansion also includes alternate art for each of the nobles from the 4 Houses.

Enmity contains the stretch goal content from the Imperius 2018 Kickstarter campaign.  This expansion further increases the replay value by adding 8 New Elder cards ( 2 for each House), 7 New Event cards, 4 New Planet cards and 4 New Alternate Art Elder cards ( 1 for each House ).