I am excited to announce a new branch of Kolossal Games called Powered by Kolossal and with it our first partner Plotmaker Games.

Powered by Kolossal is a way for us to bring even more incredible games to life utilizing our expertise with the Kickstarter platform in partnership with unique publishers seeking to bring their games to a wider audience. We will work closely with our partners to develop stretch goals and marketing support for their campaigns.

Plotmaker Games was founded by Asger Johansen, a world creator, formerly working for LEGO and his best friend Snorre Krogh who live and operate out of Copenhagen.

Be sure to follow Plotmaker Games – Powered by Kolossal on Kickstarter.

With that, let’s talk about Combo Fighter. First off, I LOVE old arcade fighting games! So when I found about about Combo Fighter, I immediately geeked out on memories of playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 2StreetFighterMortal KombatDOA, – the list goes on because arcade fighters are my jam.


The art by Snorre is fantastic and has that arcade vibe we know and love. The design by Asger brings the nostalgia as you utilize your character’s signature combos to ultimately KO your opponent.

We cannot wait to bring this awesome game to Kickstarter. Look for the game to launch this April and be sure to subscribe to Combo Fighter on BGG.

Author: AJ-Kolossal
Published: February 8, 2018

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