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  • Kami-sama base game
Game Design: AJ Lambeth Illustrations: Gong Studios Type: Asymetrical Area Control Players: 2-4 Time: 60-90 minutes Age: 14+

Kami-sama is a beautiful and intuitive strategy game set in rural Japan during the Edo period. Players will assume the roles of Kami, the spirits of the land. Using a combination of asymmetrical player powers, area control, set collection, pattern building, and light card drafting, players will work to balance their Favor with the people and their connection to Nature in order to be crowned Kami-sama, the chief deity of the land.

The Expansions

The Awakened includes a number of stretch goals that were unlocked during the Kami-sama Kickstarter campaign. Included in the expansion are eight (8) kami, two (2) villagers, and the Kamidana variant (which includes 4 new shrines and goals to go along with them).

Spirit Way adds 4 new advanced kami and 1 new villager type to the base game.