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Now that the new year is in full swing, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on where Kolossal is and where it’s going. We committed to change in 2020 and wanted to review those changes and some of the lessons learned along the way.

For those of you who may be new to the family, we posted in May of 2020 about the mistakes Kolossal Games had made in the past, why they happened, and how we planned to move forward as a company. 

We’re still a small team of board game enthusiasts who are trying our best to create and deliver great board games for people around the world to enjoy this hobby.

#About game design & quality

Our focus on game design hasn’t wavered. Our team spends hours upon hours every day and week playtesting and hashing out rules and systems. Our goal is simple, to find what the most exciting system is for the players. Sometimes this means rebuilding things we loved from the ground up, or spending a late night or two re-writing rulebooks and going over every card. We want systems that get people excited to be at the table and playing games. Western Legends was rebuilt time and time again until it was able to capture that feeling of creating your own story of being a legend in the old west. If you haven’t already, you should take a look at Reload which focuses on quick and intuitive gameplay to capture the feeling of shooters and the battle royale experience.

The design of the game is only one side of the coin though. While the piece you hold in your hand is supposed to be an outlaw or a mythic creature you’re sending to battle, we need to make sure that the component is of good quality. Not only in feel, but that the text, art, and graphic design all allow you to slip into the world of the game. 

Kolossal has been allocating more resources to improving the components and pieces of our games. Card and punch board quality has improved across the board. Additionally game inserts are being designed for most games. Additionally, we reached out to the Blood Money community for review and approval of our All-In rulebook and they delivered in a big way posting 100’s of comments. Backers spotted issues and made great suggestions all to make sure that we delivered the best version possible, we spent weeks going over every single comment and making sure each concern was addressed.

#Customer service MADE FOR YOU

Our ticketing system is better than ever and allows us to address concerns from all over the world much more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

In order to keep improving ourselves and answering even more quickly to all of your customers’ requests, we have decided to hire additional staff this year to join the Kolossal family. This person will be there to help you and answer your concerns in the best way possible. Additionally, we’ll be focusing some much needed attention on our social media accounts and direct interactions. We want to hear your voice and feedback so we can continue to improve.

#Less is more

For its first 2 years, Kolossal was running campaigns at breakneck speed. We had a larger team and wanted to focus on establishing a name for ourselves. Unfortunately, we ran ourselves ragged trying to keep up with so many projects. In 2020 we slowed the pace and that will continue into 2021, running only a few campaigns a year with a much greater focus on detail in the games and listening to fan requests. This slow down has been great not only for our products but for the team’s sanity.


#Proud of our latest games

Since we last spoke we’ve had some great new games hitting the market.

Totemic – Delivered early! Designed by our very own Chris Hamm, this small box game with  less than 100 cards packs all of the punch of a full-sized game.

Almanac – Delivered early! From esteemed designer Scott Almes, this game about the extraordinary lives of traveling merchants in a fantasy world has quickly become a fan favorite. 

→ A Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

→ Great reviews such as this new one from GeekDad

→ Already available in other countries with our quality partners: SD distribuciones (ES) and Hobby Japan (JP)

Hunt the Ravager – Delivered early! From first-time designer Clinton Morris, this hidden movement game features artwork from the well known board game artist Andrew Bosley.

Ruination – Ahead of schedule! Fulfillment has already begun in Asia and we’re on track to deliver 2 months early. Our latest BIG BOX game from Kolossal’s own Travis Chance and artwork from Roland MacDonald. This game of hordes in a post-apocalyptic future will be the next big hit once it reaches the backers in the coming months.

#Ambassador Program

Crowdfunding has always been tricky in that customers don’t get to experience a game before agreeing to purchase it. Thats why Kolossal has launched an Ambassador program so that gamers around the world can learn and play Kolossal’s catalog virtually, and make sure they’re happy before pledging. We plan to expand our available titles over the next year and make this a cornerstone of future projects.


At the time of posting this, Kolossal has 3 unfulfilled projects, with one of those three already fulfilling in Asia. In total, we have already delivered 16 games, and will soon deliver our 17th. On average, we improved our delivery time from 12 months after a Kickstarter campaign to 10 months.


*C to F: Campaign to Fulfillment (months)

#CampaignC to FLaunch MonthPromised FulfillmentActual 95% fulfillmentActual vs Promised
1Western Legends11January 2018August 2018December 2018Late 4 Months
2Kami Sama10February 2018October 2018December 2018Late 2 Months
3Imperius9March 2018September 2018December 2018Late 1 Month
4Omen Saga8May 2018October 2018March 2019Late 5 Months
5Combo Fighter9June 2018December 2018March 2019Late 3 Months
6Terrors of London12July 2018February 2019July 2019Late 5 Months
7All Manor of Evil11October 2018July 2019September 2019Late 2 Months
8Mezo14October 2018June 2019December 2019Late 7 Months
9Ante Up10January 2019November 2019November 2019ON TIME!
10Clowdus Collection9February 2019November 2019November 2019ON TIME!
11Consumption11February 2019January 2020January 2020ON TIME!
12Papillon6June 2019February 2020December 20192 Months Early!
13Omen HttD6September 2019April 2020April 2020ON TIME!
14Totemic7December 2019August 2020July 20201 Month Early!
15Almanac10January 2020February 2021November 20203 Month Early!
16Hunt the Ravager9February 2020March 2021November 20204 Month Early!
17Ruination12March 2020May 2021March 20212 months ahead of schedule *
18Blood Money?August 2020July 2021TBD??
19B Movies?November 2020July 2021TBD??

*Project fulfillment is still underway

#We have new and exciting projects coming soon

We kicked 2021 off with Reload which is live right now! 

Later this year, we have some returning designers such as the Pye Brothers with Lost Empires, and Scott Almes with Almanac: Crystal Peaks.

Additionally, we plan to launch a Western Legends big box campaign as demanded by our fans. More details will come soon.

There are other projects that we’re excited about and want to get out the doors, but as mentioned earlier, we need to slow things down and focus on the games immediately in front of us. We want to make sure they’re as ready as they can be when we put them on Kickstarter and that we can take care of the backers.

#2021 together

Together let’s make 2021 a new and better year for Kolossal Games. We love our fans, we love this industry and more than anything we love improving ourselves and our games with the community. That is what crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter are all about. Stay with us, keep sharing with us and let’s have fun together in 2021!

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