London in the late 1800’s. A city of contrasts. New development and construction interspersed with overcrowded slums. High class and high society against a backdrop of the impoverished. The air is heavy and foul-smelling due to poor sanitation and coal stoves. The once-lovely Thames River has been contaminated with raw sewage, and even the royal family is not immune to London’s stench. But among the shadows and back alleys, an even more sinister presence stirs. It belongs to one of four factions vying for eternal control of London’s underbelly – and all of its seedy goodness.

Terrors of London, a new deckbuilding game from designers Brad and Ryan Pye, joins the Kolossal Games family. In Terrors of London, four factions – the Undead, the Mortals, the Spirits, and the Beasts – battle to take over as the ruling cabal. The Overlords – Azazael, Methuselah, Cain, and Fenris – bring Influence cards to the starting deck, as well as provide a unique ability for players to use. Throughout the course of the game, players will recruit monsters and purchase potent Relics from a central market. Monsters are used to build hordes with tight synergies that can create powerful combos for striking back at your opponent. Relics are items that remain on the table and provide a strong, ongoing effect until destroyed by an opponent. The first player to reduce their opponent’s life to zero will be crowned the winner.

“When we set out to make Terrors of London we wanted to give the player a versus game that focused heavily on Hand management and purchase strategy.

We believe we achieved this by creating asymmetrical play through the Overlords you chose. Each Overlord has a main faction and is linked to two minor factions and opposed to one faction. This makes purchasing cards in the market quite strategic and makes  Terrors of London’s Hoard mechanic come to life.

Because you can pair more than just two monsters together by using the Hoard indicators,  you can form massive hoards of monsters (sometimes even 5 or more in size) and you can activate any hoard ability within that monster hoard in the order you think is most advantages. This could result in a massive amount of clever combinations that could get you drawing tons of cards or gathering massive damage for hits up to 15-20 damage at a time. 

It’s really fun to try get these synergies to work especially because they require some skill and planning to do. We found in play tests that players would spend hours discussing the metagame which is something we felt was missing from a lot of these very simple deck builders.” – Ryan and Brad Pye

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Author: chubbymeeple
Published: February 13, 2018

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