Planetary earthquakes ravage your homeworld. Before long, the planet will be no more. Your only hope of survival is to build your colony ship, transport it to the launchpad, and launch into space in the hopes of finding a new world to call home. However, you must be the first to escape your world because the force required to launch your colony ship will result in the absolute destruction of the planet as you leave.

Cysmic, from designer Jason Blake, is an epic sci-fi strategy wargame set amidst a dying planet. Players will assume the role of one of the factions on the planet who is fighting desperately to survive. Throughout the game, players will gather resources, capture enemy units, and work to construct their colony ship. Once built, the colony ship must be moved to the launchpad at the center of the board and launched into space. The faction to do so first will not only escape with their lives but will also end up ultimately destroying the planet with the force of their ship’s ignition.

“In Cysmic, I have created a desperate situation with a perilous environment where even the most well-laid plans can be disrupted in an instant by the seismic activity of the dying planet. Not only that but exploring the terrain can reveal devastating scenarios that can spring traps on unsuspecting opponents. Even further, there are the discoveries of Alien Artifacts that can change the tide of war in an instant across the global battlefield. Cysmic is not about engine building, empire management, or diplomacy… it’s about embracing the chaos happening all around you as the planet slowly disintegrates while you fight to capture the resources necessary to get your people off-world before there’s no world left.”

—  Jason Blake, designer of Cysmic

Stay tuned here for more news and updates as development progresses.

Author: chubbymeeple
Published: November 28, 2017

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