1-5 Players | 60+ Minutes

Hordes of goblins & other terrifying beasts of the land are attempting to lay waste to the city. The various militia inside are mounting a defense in attempt to make one final stand to save the land that they love.

In No Dawn, each player assumes the role of one of these militia, defending the city from the relentless onslaught of goblins, ogres, hill giants & other creatures who are bent on destroying the final stronghold for mankind. No Dawn is a scenario-driven cooperative game that introduces unique twists to the common mechanisms of worker placement & deck building. Players can partner up on worker spaces to assist in tasks such as recruiting others in the city to the fight, repairing damaged supply lines & gathering food.

No Dawn introduces a unique threat level mechanism that increases the difficulty of the game as it progresses. This mechanism forces players to make tough decisions about how quickly they want to complete their scenario objectives. Complete the scenario too soon & players may lose cards that could prove valuable assets for future scenarios.

No Dawn comes from the creative mind of J.B. Howell (Papillon).


Kolossal Games Bringing Terrors of London to Tables Everywhere

  London in the late 1800’s. A city of contrasts. New development and construction interspersed with overcrowded slums. High class and high society against a backdrop of the impoverished. The air is heavy and foul-smelling due to poor sanitation and coal stoves. The once-lovely Thames River has been contaminated with raw sewage, and even the […]

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Illustrator Spotlight: Manthos Lappas

Welcome to a new installment of Illustrator Spotlight. In Illustrator Spotlight, we take a look at artists and graphic designers working on our titles. Today we are talking with Manthos Lappas. Manthos is the illustrator for Omen: Fires in the East, coming to Kickstarter in March 2018. Join us as we learn a bit more about […]

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Introducing Combo Fighter and Plotmaker Games – Powered By Kolossal

I am excited to announce a new branch of Kolossal Games called Powered by Kolossal and with it our first partner Plotmaker Games. Powered by Kolossal is a way for us to bring even more incredible games to life utilizing our expertise with the Kickstarter platform in partnership with unique publishers seeking to bring their games to a wider audience. We […]

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Kolossal Games Adds Merchants of Muziris from John Clowdus

Muziris. A bustling port town on the Malabar coast of India. A central point for trade between several empires – the Phoenicians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Romans. Traders come from miles around to trade for goods of all kinds – foods, spices, semi-precious stones, silks, and linens. Merchants of Muziris, from designer […]

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Across the Board Features Western Legends in “Something New”

In episode 24 of Across the Board, Dan and Ryan discuss replayability in board games and welcome Jamey Stegmaier as their special guest. In this episode's "Something New" segment (59:50), Dan discusses Western Legends. "It's an adventure. There's a lot of story in it, but it's not linear - which is another thing I like. You can win [...]
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