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Blood Money is the final chapter in the Western Legends saga that we began with you in January 2018, more than 2 years ago. Since that time, many of you have continued to support and follow us on our path through the Wild West, calling for more adventures. This led to the release of Ante Up, which introduced many new elements to Western Legends when newcomers arrived in Buzzard Gulch via train, eager to create their own legends. The frontier may have been settled, but the desire to explore the world of Western Legends still burns in many a Legend’s hearts.


  • 8 Character cards
  • 6 Item cards
  • 10 Legendary Item cards
  • 6 Poker cards
  • 18 Injury cards
  • 17 Deed cards
  • 9 Traveling Trader movement cards
  • 40 Story cards
  • 1 Legendary Story overlay
  • 1 Traveling Trader token
  • Map tokens
  • Ruin tokens
  • 1 Risk Die
  • 6 Player Aids
  • 18 Wooden pieces


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