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Get both of these amazing titles for only $19


Capital Lux 2: Pocket, a standalone sequel to the acclaimed tactical card game from 2016, introduces a range of exchangeable capital powers that can be mixed and matched as you like. This allows for a total of 81 unique power combinations. One of these combinations plays as the original Capital Lux, while the other 80 present the players new tactical challenges.



In Rebel Nox, with the cards dealt at the beginning of the game, players are assigned to either the Rebel team or the Loyalist team. The two teams fight for control over locations that alter the rules in that particular fight, and provide influence to the winner. Play your cards tactically to establish who is on your team, take control of locations and make sure your team has the most influence at the end of the round. But as cards change hands, allegiances can change, so who can you really trust? Perhaps you secretly switched team yourself?


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