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2 punch boards packaged together. They are not available individually.

Ork Freebooterz are notorious pirates and thieves, plying the void in smoking, sparking ships with the intent of causing as much mayhem and destruction as possible. They prey upon anyone foolish enough to stray into their hunting grounds, screaming out of the dark on plumes of fire to blast apart their foes. When an enemy vessel is crippled or foolishly tries to surrender, the Freebooterz will smash their way on board, killing anything that moves and stealing anything that doesn’t. The Freebooterz will then haul their booty back to their hidden bases and count their ill-gotten gains.

Freebooterz content:

  • Kaptin Doomskorcha
  • Flash Gitz with their options
  • Freebooterz Runtherd and Gretchins with their options
  • 1 Freebooterz Battlewagon
  • Wargear and Upgrade Options
  • Rule sheets in French and English

A Vanguard Veteran Squad is formcd from those Space Marines of the Chapter’s 1st Company who have completely immersed themselves in the art of close-quarters combat. Most of them have served lengthy rotations in the Chapter’s Assault Squads prior to their promotion, and their skills with chainblade and combat knife have been honed and tested in the crucible of bloody melee on a thousand war-torn world.

Content (1 punchboard):

  • 1 Vanguard Veteran squad (with or without jump packs) with its Rhino
  • 1 big defensive position
  • Wargear and Upgrade Options
  • Rule sheets in French and English


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