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—– More Bacon – Battle for Caen —–


Who wouldn’t want a little extra bacon again?

This pack contains a new Hero for the Commonwealth, Lieutenant Lindsay Baker affiliated with the 43rd Infantry Division (Worcestshire Regiment), as well as a Piat Customization so that the King’s soldiers don’t find themselves without an answer in front of a tank. Also included is a new Hero for the German Army, Luka Röhr, Feldwebel in the 12. SS Panzer Division. It comes with a Life Point Customization that will allow you to make your characters survive one or two more turns.

1 Commonwealth Intelligence card, which can be added to your deck before a game, if your opponent also adds the one linked to his faction, of course.

And finally, 1 beautiful re-closable cloth bag with the effigy of the British Cockade, which will allow you to keep your orders and dice preciously between two fights.


—– This product requires the Heroes of Normandie : Big Red One Edition Core box
& the Battlepack#2 – Battle for Caen – Epsom, Charnwood, Goodwood —–





  • 1 Punchboard containing a Commonwealth hero
    and an unpublished Customization.
  • 1 Punchboard containing a German hero
    and an unpublished Customization.
  • 1 Commonwealth Intelligence Card.
  • 1 Commonwealth Token and Dice Storage Bag for
    Battlepack#2 Battle for Caen – Epsom, Charnwood, Goodwood.


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