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Age: 14+

Players: 2-5

Time: 90minutes


Game designer: Bruno Cathala and Florian Sirieix. Artwork: Felideus Bubastis.


A central board, 60 wooden cubes, 40 copper plastic cubes, 30 blue plastic cubes, 70 black plastic gems, 11 ressources
and charcoalium tokens, 65 victory points, 5 folding screens, 5 player boards, 5 models, 30 project completion
tokens, 61 machine cards, 13 assistant cards, 14 project tiles.

Game description
In Imaginarium, you are going to repair, dismantle, combine and use curious machines to receive charcoalium
(the local currency) and resources (wood, copper, crystal) that will allow you to repair other, even more powerful
machines. You will be able to complete projects and earn victory points by managing your resources, your
combination of actions and the space available for the machines in your workshop.

• Management game for experimented players.
• A universe between Steam punk and dream with fantastic artwork.
• Plentiful and well-made material (miniatures, storage carton box, gems…)


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