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Dice Tower 2019 Promo

An evil spirit has slipped into the village. How will the kami handle this new “villager”?

Includes 4 Ichijama cards (one per village) and 1 rules card.

Rules Summary

Setup: During setup, shuffle 1 copy of Ichijama into each of the Villager decks.


Gameplay: When a player draws from a village deck if Ichijama is drawn immediately reveal it to all players and resolve its effect. After each player has resolved the effect, set Ichijama beside the villager deck and continue drawing cards if any. At the end of the year, after Favor/Nature tracks have been scored, shuffle any set-aside Ichijama cards back into their respective Villager decks.

If playing with the Kitsune variant, the Kitsune ignores the effects of the Ichijama.






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