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Key points
• Become a God of infinite powers
• Unleash your wrath upon your enemies
• Tame the mythical monsters of Egypt


In Ancient Egypt, magic floats on the sacred sands.
You’re a god, and as so, you’ll have to lead your people
to victory.
In this highly strategic yet easy to learn game, you’ll
have to have to achieve victory by using the faith of
your subject. Each player has a pyramid with three
floors including various actions, and you’ll have, each
turn, to accomplish one action of each floor and two
more. You can also raise your magic In attack, defense
or resources to obtain new spells through the prayers
of your people and unleash gigantic beasts upon your
You’ll earn victory points by defeating your opponents
in epic fights, by controlling the more temples you
can, or by sacrificing units to your glory. The first to
reach the requested amount of Victory Points wins !
A fast-paced strategy game, which will require all
your skill to be the winning God !


Age: 14+
Players: 2-5
Time: 60 minutes


A game by
Jacques Bariot & Guillaume Montiage
Illustrated by
Dimitri Bielak, Emile Denis & Nicolas Fructus


• 48 power tiles
• 60 plastic soldiers
• 7 giant figurines
• 65 cards
33 Divine Intervention
32 Combat
• 97 tokens
34 Action
5 turn markers
5 Prayer
53 Victory
• 6 boards
5 individual boards
1 big reversible board



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