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This is a pre-order. Items are en route to the US and expected to arrive in late September. The product will be released for shipping after its Essen debut on Oct 20th, 2023.

In the event that the goods arrive after Oct 20th they’ll be released for shipping as soon as they’re in the warehouse and ready.


Players take turns clockwise. On their turn, they either place a face-up tile OR place a face-down tile. If they cannot do either, they show their tiles and pass (draw 2 tiles).
Each face-up tile must be placed adjacent to an already placed tile as long as it remains within a 4×4 grid or 5×5 grid. If you place a new Front tile, you draw 2 Tiles, these can be covered by Back tiles.

If you place a back tile it must “beat” a face-up tile by respecting Rock Scissor Paper. You do not draw and these tiles are “blocked”, because you cannot cover them.
You have 2 different possibilities to win: by aligning 3 Front tiles of your color or by aligning 3 Back tiles of your color.

Do not underestimate your opponents and pay attention to the game. Remember to cover all your fronts as victory comes in 2 different ways!

Linx also has a team game mode, in which two teams of 2 players compete.


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