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Key points
• A game of dexterity and showmanship
• Circus music for a total immersion!
• Each game come with a new set of audience request, you’ll never have the same show


You only have one goal: to entertain! You are
looking for only one thing: to dazzle the audience.
The competition is tough. Become the most
amazing circus by proposing incredible acts!
Acrobats, horses and many accessories are at
your disposal. A good rehearsal and then with
your remarkable dexterity, you’ll give them the
show of their lifetime!
When the circus music will start, all eyes will be
on you!

Age: 8+
Players: 2-5
Time: 45 minutes


A game by
Cédric Millet
Illustrated by
Sabrina Tobal,
Angelina Costamania & Mathieu Leysenne


• 5 Circus rings (front / back)
• The clap-o-meter
• 1 measuring ruler
• 3 Scoring tiles
• 5 Score tokens
• 32 Public demands cards
• 18 Component tiles
• 38 Circus act tiles
• 32 Acrobat meeples
12 beginners
13 intermediates
7 experts
• 10 Guest Star meeples
• 32 accessories
7 beams (brown)
6 balloons (green)
9 barrels (purple)
6 horses (white)
4 elephants (grey)
• 2 sticker boards
• 1 First player token
• 2 Speed bonus tokens
• 1 rulebook


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