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Enhance your Mezo gaming experience with Souls for Xibalba.


This product includes all of the content unlocked during the Mezo Kickstarter campaign, 3 New Gods, 12 Tarot Sized God Cards, 8 New Alter Tokens, 6 New Wrathful God Tiles, and 4 new variant modules! The New Modules include 5 Tribe Power Tiles, 1 Monument Card, 6 Prophecy Cards, 15 Tribe Markers, 5 City Tokens, and a Solo Mode that includes 12 Vengeful God Cards, 6 Vengeful God Action Cards, 4 Trials Cards, 1 Vengeful, 1 Vengeful Codex Card Calendar Card, 3 Vengeful God Action Markers, and 6 Double-Sided Trial Markers. This product is available in limited quantities.

You will need the Mezo 5th Player Expansion to increase the player count to 2-5.


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