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Omen: Edge of the Aegean is a stand-alone, two-player card game, with the same mechanics, theme, and setting of Omen: A Reign of War.

As half-god children of Zeus, the players are bent on ruling all of Greece. With the blessings of the gods, they wage war over 3 cities to prove who is the more powerful warlord.

Each City contains 2 random Reward cards. Players play powerful Unit cards from their hand to these Cities, and once a certain number of Units are in the City, the player with the most Strength gains 1 of the reward cards in that City.

There are 4 different Unit types in Omen: Edge of the Aegean: Myrmidons, Keres, Automatons, and Moirai. Each different Unit can be used in different ways, and each offers a unique effect on the game.

Players score points for the Rewards they’ve won, cards they’ve Exalted, and certain cards in hand.

While Omen: Edge of the Aegean is a stand-alone game, the cards included in this game can be used with Omen: A Reign of War.

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