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Beware! Predators are on the loose and have begun to creep into your butterfly garden though Papillon: Beyond the Meadow. This expansion captures each of the stretch goals from Kolossal’s Papillon Kickstarter campaign. Players will introduce Predators into their garden that can stir up some trouble for their opponents. Not everything is bad though as birdbaths can now be build to welcome your feathered friends. Explore everything the garden has to offer beyond the meadow.


Beyond the Meadow Component list

  • Box
  • Rulebook
  • 6 Wildflower tiles
  • 6 Bee tiles
  • 16 Bird tokens
  • 16 Fountain tokens
  • 9 Predator tokens
  • 36 Predator tokens (4 per Predator)
  • 15 Goal cards
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