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Key points
• A classic game from a well-known author
• A refreshing theme
• « Spiel Des Jahres nominee » by Roberto Fraga



In the Mekong delta, every year, the bravest
young people face each other in a famous contest.
Building bridges with planks resting on stones,
cross the river to reach the village on the opposite
bank. To arrive there, program your actions well,
avoid the enemies’ maneuvers and the unexpected
interventions of the Mekong’s dragons.
The first to arrive will receive a golden dragon
from the hand of the king himself!

Age: 8+
Players: 2-6
Time: 30 minutes


A game by
Roberto Fraga
Illustrated by


• 1 reversible board
• 36 numbered planks
• 6 pawns
3 girls
3 boys
• 1 first player card
• 78 action cards
• 27 stones



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