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Key points
• Strategic but accessible!
• A magnificent and colorful content
• Immersive
• In Top 10’s Family games in
more than 10 countries


At the Japan Imperial Court, a long time ago…
After great quarrels, the relations between China
and Japan are finally harmonious. To celebrate this
cahoot, the Chinese emperor has offered to his
Japanese equivalenta sacred animal, a giant panda
from China, symbol of peace. The emperor of
Japan entrust the players, who plays his courtiers,
the delicate mission of taking care of the panda,
by fitting out a bamboo plantation. They need to
adapt in front of the sacred animal and his exces-
sive taste for the crunchy stems and tender leafs…


Age: 8+
Players: 2-4
Time: 45 minutes


A game by
Antoine Bauza
Illustrated by
Nicolas Fructus, Yuio & Joël Van Aerde


• 28 garden plots
• 90 bamboo sections
28 green
26 yellow
24 pink
• 20 irrigations
• 9 landscaping
• 46 objective cards
• 4 individual boards
• 8 action tokens
• 1 meteo die
• 2 figurines
1 panda
1 gardener


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