Box and Flowers

Papillon is a tile drafting, tableau building, area control game for 2-4 players. From designer J.B. Howell (Reavers of Midgard) and artwork from Whitney Rader.

Coming To Kickstarter April 4th!

We're Rewarding Our Fans !

In celebration of spring fast approaching and our upcoming Kickstarter, Papillon on April 4th, we wanted to thank the community that has supported us!

We will be awarding a game from our catalog and a free pledge of Papillion to one lucky fan of the Papillon game page for every 50 subscribers until the Kickstarter launches on April 4th!

Click the button below, SUBSCRIBE to the game page on Boardgamegeek and make sure that you also click the heart to become a FAN! We will be selecting winners from among the fans.

Our first award will be at 100 subscribers, then 150, and so on! Good luck!

Author: Ian
Published: March 15, 2019

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