About Us

Vision Statement

Our Vision:

to be a large publisher with a passionate team of people who love their jobs making amazing, diverse, accessible, inclusive games and to have a direct relationship with our customers.

Our Mission:

to create memorable experiences for families and friends to connect and to give designers and artists the means for their creations to shine in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Our Principles:

We push game mechanics, art, and presentation above industry standards.
We make our games easy to learn and inclusive.
We strive to create a direct relationship with our community.
We provide a white glove level of service to our community of gamers, artists, designers, and reviewers.
We challenge each other to always improve.

The Team

Creative Director

Favorite games:

Dominant Species, Arkham Horror: the Card Game, Netrunner

Gateway into the hobby:

Magic: The Gathering was my first big introduction into the hobby. I made the transition into the wider board game universe with Arkham Horror 2nd edition and 7 Wonders.

If I could game with anyone:

I like to play games with people who aren’t aware that there are things beyond the kid classics like Clue, Monopoly, and Risk. You can always tell when you’ve got a new gamer hooked.

Operations Manager

Favorite games:

Cooperative games, and solo games tend to be my favorite. Growing up, I always enjoyed split-screen video games. When those died off, board games filled that void.

Gateway into the hobby:

It was definitely Arkham Horror. My friends and I pulled it off of the demo shelf after a Magic: the Gathering tournament, and I ended up buying a copy to bring home.

If I could game with anyone:

I’d love to have played Codenames with Robin Williams. Can you imagine some of the clues he would give?

Social Media Manager/Customer Service Manager

Favorite games: Quacks of Quedlinburg, Awkward Guests, Wingspan, (Recently: Lost Ruins of Arnak, wow)

Gateway into the hobby: As a kid, it was 13 Dead End Drive, as an adult, it was Small World and Pandemic.

If I could game with anyone: Any deduction game with Sherlock Holmes OR Charades with Meryl Streep. COULD YOU IMAGINE?