Limited Quantity Policy

Here at Kolossal Games, we are grateful everyday (yes, even when receiving “hard feedback”) to use Kickstarter as an interactive means to promote our games. Crowdfunding provides not only a meaningful experience, but also the opportunity to reward our supporters for their passion and belief in what we do.

For our backers, the reward of the first printing at the best possible price is of course central to this model. As a part of that, we don’t start delivering pre-orders or selling to brick and mortar stores until about 95% of backers’ games have been delivered. See our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy on our website for more on this topic. We may of course have limited quantities of early products to sell at conventions we attend before that milestone is reached. But any of these products will be limited to the core games only, no expansions, and these will be at full retail price.

Moreover, rather than offer exclusives as stretch goals, Kolossal rewards our backers’ support with limited edition content. “Limited edition” is defined as a maximum quantity of about 500 units over the number of Kickstarter backers. The limited edition items are typically stretch goals unlocked throughout the campaign and are offered in the form of an expansion. This expansion is offered to backers for free as a benefit and incentive to our backers. It will also be available until stock runs out after the campaign, but only at full price and only in the US, directly from Kolossal.

We aim to strike a balance. We understand that sometimes, missing a campaign can’t be helped, and we want to offer completionist fans a full experience. However, as a show of gratitude to our backers, these additional quantities will always be a limited number. Having said that, we are completionists ourselves and know to “never say never,” so if there were to ever be a truly substantial and publicly measured demand for this content, Kolossal would consider offering these products again but only after consulting our backers.

Travis R. Chance
President of Kolossal Games