Kolossal’s Top Five: Games To Take Traveling

Do you need some inspiration when it comes to games to take traveling with you?  We’ve picked some of our favorite games that are small enough to fit in your carry on, trunk of your car or even your purse. Keep reading to find out our top pick of games to take travelling with you! […]

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The Inspiration Behind The Art of Kami-Sama

Kami-Sama is a game set in the Edo-period of Japan where you play a spirit vying for the devotion of the villagers of the land. Players will assume the role of a Kami, a spirit, each with a focus on different aspects of nature. In this role, they will compete to spread their influence throughout the local […]

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It’s going to be a Kolossal 2018

Happy New Year, Everyone! I am so pumped about our 2018 lineup. We are working with some incredible people to make amazing games, and I am just super proud of our team and collaborators for what we have accomplished to-date and for what is coming in the year ahead. Without further ado, here is an […]

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The Stuff of Legend – A Western Legends Developer Diary

When we first began work on Western Legends, the game had a smaller roster of historical figures. As we wanted to bring the game to Kickstarter, and stretch goals are a thing, this meant we would need more characters. Hervé had done a great job of including the people expected to see: Billy the Kid, Doc […]

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The Inspiration Behind the Art of Western Legends; Part Two

In our previous article, we spoke to game designer Hervé Lemaître about his inspiration behind the artwork in Western Legends. Now we hear from illustrator Roland Macdonald and how he took Hervé’s ideas and turned them into the beautiful artwork we see today.   Although it could have been easy to go with the quintessential Western style, Roland […]

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(Out)Law and Order – Western Legends Developer Diary

In the last developer diary entry, I shared a broad stroke perspective on what it has been like to work on Western Legends. As we are a mere two weeks away from launch, I wanted to further elaborate on one of my very favorite mechanisms in the game: the Marshal and Wanted tracks. At a glance, these two tracks appear […]

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