Across the Board Features Western Legends in “Something New”

Across the Board Features Western Legends in “Something New”

In episode 24 of Across the Board, Dan and Ryan discuss replayability in board games and welcome Jamey Stegmaier as their special guest. In this episode's "Something New" segment (59:50), Dan discusses Western Legends. "It's an adventure. There's a…

Success in the Wild West

Yesterday was the final day of our first Kickstarter, Western Legends, and what a day it was!   Designed by first-time designer Hervé Lemaître and featuring stunning artwork from Roland MacDonald, Western Legends is an open-world…

Kolossalcast – Episode 2: The Women of Western Legends

Mark talks with our CEO, Kira Peavley and Katie Aidley of Katie’s Game Corner about the Women of Western Legends!  

Meet The Women In Western Legends

The Wild West was home to some pretty amazing women, and we thought we would introduce you to a few of them that are included in Western Legends. Western Legends is a game that includes many characters…

The Brawling Bros Discuss Western Legends

In episode 66, Brandon and Josh of the Brawling Bros feature Western Legends not once, but twice! At the 49:45 mark, they cover it pretty in-depth as part of their "Tomorrow" segment. Later in the episode (2:28:50),…

Kolossalcast – Episode 1: Developing Western Legends

Mark sits down with Travis & AJ to discuss Western Legends in our very first podcast!