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Asymmetrical powers, area control & beauty

Spirit of the land

Become a spirit of the land in Kami-sama, a tactical strategy game designed by AJ Lambeth. Players will assume the role of a kami, each with a focus on a different aspect of life. In this role, they will compete to spread their own influence throughout the land. As their influence spreads, they will see shrines erected in their honor across the four villages.

The placement of shrines in each village is important. Kami earn village tokens by matching patterns with their shrine placement. These tokens are used to help the kami gain further favor. It is also important for shrines to be chained together in consecutive locations throughout each village. The kami who has the longest chain of shrines in a village controls it and gains the favor of one of its many villagers. These villagers grant special bonuses to the kami who claim them and are also important for granting bonus influence at the end of the game.

Carefully plot each move

Become the successful kami

One of the important aspects of Kami-sama is the balance that you must strike between gaining Favor with the villagers and remaining connected to Nature. Only by balancing their relationship with Nature and with the Favor of the village can a kami become truly successful. If a kami is focused too much on winning Favor with the villagers, they will lose their connection to Nature. On the other hand, a kami that is fully committed to Nature cannot gain the Favor of the villages. The successful kami is the one who can best balance these two factors.

You will need to carefully plot each move to drive your opponents out of the villages. Use your influence over the elements to turn the tides in your favor. However, each turn brings a new village and your powers will rise or diminish based on your actions.

As kami move between villages (and rounds), their shrines remain. You will need to pay attention to each village to see how you and your opponents affect each other’s shrines. Make the best use of your abilities and ensure that you are the kami to be crowned the Kami-sama, the leader of the kami, at the end of the contest.

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