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This is a pre-order. Items are en route to the US and expected to arrive in late September. The product will be released for shipping after its Essen debut on Oct 20th, 2023.

In the event that the goods arrive after Oct 20th they’ll be released for shipping as soon as they’re in the warehouse and ready.


The deluxe version contains a neoprene playmat, wooden tokens, and a custom insert.

Will you be able to cross the universe and join one of the Orion nebulas? On the way, you will find black holes that will weaken you to death or galaxies that will make you stronger. Plan your maneuvers well because each of your moves can give your opponent an opportunity to get closer to victory.

Your tiles possess two colors, yours in the majority, and your opponent’s color as well. Try to connect your tiles smartly while not giving too much opportunities.

You can win in 3 different ways: by connecting 2 opposite sides of the board with an unbroken chain of hexagons of your color; by collecting 4 GALAXY PIECES on connected hexagons of your color; or by making your opponent get 3 BLACK HOLE PIECES on connected hexagons of his/her color. Pay attention to all 3 possibilities! Do not let any of them escape your mind.


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