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Game Design: Hervé Lemaître
Illustrations: Roland MacDonald
Players: 2-6
Time: 60-120 minutes
Age: 14+

As the territories expand westward, untold fortune awaits those eager
to write their name across the face of history. Some will become
legends with a revolver in hand, while others will gamble their way to
infamy. Black smoke rises as the locomotive draws near. Out there on
the cloudless horizon, a town called Buzzard Gulch is calling you.

Ante Up is the first full expansion for Western Legends. This
expansion introduces new features, such as new ways to gamble, the
Gambler Track, event cards, new territories, and the locomotive. It
also adds more characters, items, and story cards to the game.

This is not a standalone expansion and requires Western Legends to play.

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