1 – 4 players | 60 – 120 minutes

Consumption is a worker placement/resource management game about meeting your body’s food needs. Shopping & cooking or going out to various eateries is central to the strategy that is balanced by physical activity to help you burn extra calories. Points are earned by completing recipes & activities, but ultimately, giving your body what it needs to be happy earns the most points, as various diseases can sneak up on you if you’re not careful.

Over six rounds, players will select actions on the main game board, as well as their player board, such as cooking or going out to eat. To cook, players must first go grocery shopping for ingredients, but careful planning is needed as food can expire if it isn’t used in time & fighting your cravings may cause a few problems too. Completing recipes unlocks extra abilities, which can be very useful during the game.

Eating out is also an option & going to the buffet or visiting the stands at the farmer’s market can be tempting – decisions may depend on what they have to offer. While cooking allows players more control over what they eat & provides points, it can be hard to resist the drive-thru when you can get so much food! All food, represented by colored cubes, goes into the player’s “body” based on different food groups & as the game progresses, it is possible that players may find they have eaten too much of one or more groups. Time to exercise!

Through a variety of activities, players may remove cubes from their body to return to a healthier state, but don’t wait too long as this may require more time than you think! Completed activities offer end-game points, so don’t be a couch potato! After six rounds, players see which of their food needs have been met & how many different activities they have completed, and the player with the most points is the winner!

Consumption is fun, easy to learn, and offers deep strategy & intuitive mechanics. It is highly replayable and engages families & gamers alike. For 1-4 players who love to eat!

Consumption was a KublaCon 2016 Game Design Contest Finalist.

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