For the past month many of our fans have been asking us about the future of our Kickstarter launches and what was happening with our currently funded projects.

We have been in detailed communication with the fabulous folks at Kickstarter over the last few weeks after our successful Papillon campaign was cancelled after having closed.

We love Kickstarter as a way of engaging with the community. We have launched a number of successful campaigns and are in the process of fulfilling them. As of now we have:

**Terrors of London shipping to Asia this month and to US backers in June.

**Mezo in mid-production with a US delivery date of August (2 months later than originally planned). Miniatures have been injected and work has begun on trays.

**All Manor of Evil in pre-production with a US delivery date of August (1 month later than originally planned). The files are transferred to the factory.

**Western Legends: Ante Up in production testing with a US delivery date of September (2 months sooner than originally planned!) Train molds have been validated, now preparing for injection.

**Merchants of MuzirisNeolithic, and Keep (a.k.a. The Clowdus Collection) in pre-production with a US delivery date of December (1 month later than originally planned). Two-thirds of the files have been proofed.

**Consumption: Food and Choices in pre-production with a US delivery date of November (as originally planned). Rules are now finalized after Kickstarter backer feedback.

We got the opportunity to show to the Kickstarter team that all our projects are in production and in the process of being delivered.

As a result, we will be relaunching Papillon on Thursday May 30th, and we will have a special demo for it at KublaCon the week prior to celebrate the occasion!

Come out and see us, and do not hesitate to back or re-back the campaign!


Travis R. Chance

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