Terrors of London Strategy Series

Welcome to the second in our series of Overlord strategy article for Terrors of London

Terrors of London is a competitive deck building game with a Victorian Horror theme. You will take on the role of an Overlord that has its own unique abilities and influence cards, and use the monsters of evil to claim victory over your opponent. The cards you’ll play fall into one of four factions, Undead, Mortals, Spirits, or Beasts and each Overlord has a special affinity with one of these factions.

With Terrors of London on its way to backers and its retail release coming this summer we’ve planned a series of strategy and matchup articles to cover each of the Overlords that you can choose from to claim dominion over the night!

These articles will cover the matchup strengths and weaknesses of each Overlord. For an introduction to the rules of Terrors of London, you can check out a How to Play video HERE!

This week we bring you the Relentless Champion of the mortal faction, Lilith!

In 466, a village on the outskirts of Londinium was plagued by a vampire infestation caused by the undead being Methuselah. A lone survivor swore vengeance upon the scourge and made a pact with a reaper to slow down her mortal clock for each undead she destroyed and returned to the underworld. She founded the order of The Long Sunrise to hunt all undead and she made each fanatic swear the same reaper pact. The order hunted all vampires in England to near extinction and her followers called her Lilith, the Night Monster

Lilith is a balanced Overlord to play. She is adaptable, and when you choose to play her you can tailor your overall strategy to your opponent. Lilith’s CLAIM ability allows you to place a purchased monster from the street, directly on top of your deck instead of being placed in the discard pile. This powerful Overlord ability lets you tailor your turns to bring out Horde compatible monsters when you need them, or make sure that you have a guaranteed heavy hitter by using the MUSTER ability of other cards in play to immediately draw your new powerful monster!

Lilith’s starting health of 45, while not as high as Azazael’s 50 Health (See our article on the Master of Evil Here), is still higher than other Overlords. You will be able to slowly build a strong financial deck, buying good relics and big monsters to use your CLAIM ability on, making sure you have a steady income and damage output. Alternatively, you can focus on buying acolytes and other high coin monsters, placing them on top of your deck to buy huge monsters early on to get out to high damage lead on your opponent. This second strategy is very powerful when it works, however it is dependent on the board state and relies on high-cost monsters being available early. While a strong strategy for a rush play, it can burn out in long games.

You won’t be the only Overlord vying for control of the dark streets of Victorian London. Your opponent will also have their own strengths and weaknesses to exploit.

No overlord is better in the late game than Azazael, the demonic overlord of the Spirit Faction. To beat Azazeal, you’ll need to win the game before he becomes near unstoppable. This is where Lilith’s adaptability comes in handy!


You’ll want to focus on a quick early economy to get Acolytes and a large monster as soon as you can. You can absolutely overwhelm an Azazael player if things go your way, or at the very least disrupt Azazael’s long game strategy enough to pull out a victory. Attack early, Disrupt often, and Overwhelm with your Claim ability and you’ll have nothing to fear.


This is a tough matchup for Lilith. You’ll do best against the alpha wolf Fenris, by counter punching and setting up for decisive and powerful turns. If Fenris goes full aggression, it is a race that is very hard for Lillith to win, and you’ll need to play a more defensive long game. Look for building your economy and picking up defensive artifacts while disrupting the Fenris player’s plans and snatching up key monsters before they can add them to their Hordes!


If the Fenris player is going with more of a heavy regeneration strategy, you’ll need to go on the attack with an aggressive, Acolyte and big monster strategy. A Fenris player’s ability to regenerate consistently is very difficult to outlast and you’ll find yourself struggling to close out the game. Watch for what influence cards the Fenris player is using to identify their strategy. By observing their play, you’ll be able to adapt your strategy early on so you can overcome this tough matchup!


An ancient hatred fuels this matchup and you’ll find that Lilith’s adaptable nature goes right out the window as she narrows her sights on her undead prey! As a Lilith player, you’ll need to go big or go home with an all out attack on Methuselah, attempting to overcome his low starting health early. The best way to go about this is through the Acolyte and big monster strategy. Acquire acolytes as soon as you can so that you can CLAIM the biggest monster each turn. This will allow you at least one big swing for damage a turn, only deviate from this in order to acquire a powerful offensive or defensive artifacts. Focus on defeating your enemy as fast as possible through big money and power.

Claim the Night!

Terrors of London will be hitting gaming tables everywhere later this spring as our Kickstarter backers receive their games, and it will be widely available at retail this summer!

You can Pre-Order your copy and either of the expansions directly from our shop, or contact your local retailer and ask them to bring the Victorian Horror to their shelves.

Author: Ian
Published: May 22, 2019

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