Omen Series  

3 Games – 1 New Title

The Omen Series of Games are stand alone two-player card games and feature two distinct game modes: standard and draft. The standard game has players drawing cards from a collective deck, and accessing cards from a collective discard pile. The draft game allows players access to their favorite units, with each player drafting his own deck to play the game with.

Omen: A Reign of War As sons of Zeus, you stand poised to conquer all of Greece, but not without the blessing of the gods. To determine who shall rule the domain of man, the gods have devised a contest and lent their most powerful forces for the cause: pillage and raze three cities. When the carnage ends, only one brother will be victorious, while the other will fade into antiquity as just another half-god spawn of Zeus.

Omen: Edge of the Aegean As half-god children of Zeus, the players are bent on ruling all of Greece. With the blessings of the gods, they wage war over 3 cities to prove who is the more powerful warlord.

Omen: Fires in the East Players compete to control Persian and Phoenician cities in order to rule over the land. The game introduces new mechanics and new unit types, including sphinxes and merchants.

Designer Spotlight: John Clowdus

We’re happy and honored to be able to talk with one of our favorite designers working in the industry today. That man is John Clowdus from Small Box Games. John is a prolific designer, packing incredibly fun titles into small packages - as his company name implies. In 2018, Kolossal Games will work with John [...]
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Kolossal Games Signs Small Box Games

We are very excited to announce that Kolossal will be reissuing incredible games from the extremely talented John Clowdus (Small Box Games) like Omen and Neolithic to our already awesome catalog of releases that will hit Kickstarter in January of 2018. Not only will we be bringing these games to a larger audience in an updated format, […]

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