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—– More Bacon – 2. Panzer-Division – Game Elements —–


Who wouldn’t take a little extra bacon?

No one would pass up such an opportunity, especially when it comes to having a set of tokens, dices, and bag in the colors of your favorite division. Indeed, having the patch corresponding to your units in play on your battle gear that it regale! And I’m not talking about the effect you’ll make in convention or tournaments.

But that’s not all. With this set, you can enjoy 3 or 4 player games. Each player has his own counters and dice, no misinterpretation, so everyone stays focused on the mission.

You will have understood, whether it is to have the class or to play with several players in your favorite wargame, do not miss this superb set of equipment.


—– This Product requires the Heroes of Normandie: Big red One Edition Core box —–





  • 1 Set of 12 German 2nd Panzer Division Tokens.
  • 2 German 2nd Panzer Division dice.
  • 1 Storage Bag for German Tokens and Dice of the 2nd Panzer Division.


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